By Melissa Carrier, Executive Director
On March 31st, we hosted 32 speakers, 550 attendees, and 20 companies at the 3rd Annual Social Enterprise Symposium in Stamp Student Union. Our theme, “Be Bold. Be Now. Be the Future.”, describes a new generation of changemakers using technology, business, and global networks to bring about solutions to social and environmental issues. READ MORE
Social Enterprise Symposium 2011
Honest Tea’s Seth Goldman Premiers “Rethink What You Drink,” and more.
Sustainability Tradeoffs
Elective Focuses on Impact Decisions In Green Design.
Two Birds With The Best Stone
A Smith team competes in an Impact Investing Challenge.
from the blog:
The Mission Profit Continuum: A Lesson In Executive Shadowing
Stephen Huie discusses a recent trip to Community Wealth Ventures.
Consulting Program Expansion
The CSVC will be partnering with other universities for 2011-2012 in order to reach more non-profit clients.
alumni feature:
Company Man
UMD Alumnus Describes Sustainability In IBM
student spotlight:
Market to the Most
Smith Undergraduate Tries To Bring Financial Aid Where It Belongs
faculty focus:
Connecting The Dots
Smith Faculty Describes Finance’s Role In Social Value
extra, extra!
Smith Alum Using Business Principles To Save Lives In India
Dial 1298 For Ambulance Spreads Novel Emergency Medical Service Model
The Baltimore Sun
The social enterprise: making a buck and doing good
WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show
Center for Social Value Creation's Melissa Carrier talks about a new law in Md. helps companies do well by doing good.
about the center:
The Center for Social Value Creation at the Robert H. Smith School of Business seeks to develop leaders with a deep sense of individual responsibility and the knowledge to use business as a vehicle for social change. Through an engaging curriculum, real-world field experience, cutting-edge research, and targeted career planning, the center immerses students in complex and dynamic marketplaces where creative vision and thoughtful entrepreneurship tackle some of society’s most critical environmental and humanitarian needs. Contact us at csvc@rhsmith.umd.edu.
Spring 2011
coming up:
On May 9th, 6 p.m. our Social Venture Consultants will be delivering their final recommendations to their clients in VMH 1520. Student teams have been working diligently to assist non-profit clients via pro-bono work. Come see the results!
On Wednesday May 25th, the miniMBA2.0 program will be offering a special elective on “Sustainability In Business: Assessing the Current State of the Art.
get involved:
At the Center for Social Value Creation, we're constantly challenging our students to find their own unique "moments of obligation" -- the experiences that will shape not only their future careers and lives, but the lives they have the potential to change in their roles as business leaders in the 21st century. Whether through our Social Venture Consulting Program, our Global Impact Program, or the many individual programs and opportunities we create for our students, the impact of your gift has the potential to be multiplied many times over. View a selected list of giving opportunities, or contact Elizabeth Mitchell for information on endowment or special opportunities.
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